Asian Mail Order Bride – the Guide to Finding, Attracting and Retaining an Asian Beauty

Asia … This is somewhere far away, on that edge of the globe – where people erected a monument to the performer of the Gang Gam Style song, where robots can bake pancakes, where there is the highest concentration of residents per square meter, where some people still choose nomadic lifestyle, preach Confucianism, and even eat rats. A killer cultural mix, isn’t it? And besides, Asia is the place where beautiful girls with huge and deep eyes, thin waist, shiny hair, strong sexuality, and submissive look live. And already this is enough to choose one of the Asian countries as a destination for finding your soulmate.

In fact, we can belong to different countries, citizenship, mentality, and even civilization – but have the same problems. More and more people – and less and less opportunity to meet exactly who you need in this endless stream. Fortunately, online dating technology is capable of many things. And if you want to meet Asian girl online (and then offline), then you have just opened the web page you need. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Asian dating and give a practical user guide on how to turn your Asian dream into reality.

Asian Brides – Key Success Factor

Interracial and international marriages have become a modern reality, and moreover – one of the options for the norm. Why does it happen? The thing is that Asian girls for marriage managed to preserve their feminine essence. These are not the women who put on trousers, get behind the wheel of a car and go to a business meeting. These are not the women who will tell the man that he is wrong. These are not women who believe that a man owes them something. They are just different. And their main difference is their ability to remain, women, even in our progressive world, where everyone is equal. 

Asian Brides by Country-The Features You Should Discover

Asia is the largest part of the world, so the term Asian countries is collective. Geographically, Asia unites about 50 countries, each of which has its own cultural phenomenon and mentality. But since our article is not about geography and political science, but about beautiful Asian girls, we will briefly tell you about the specifics of women in each country, which is at the top of attractiveness for foreign men.


In addition to the fact that the girls from this country have a modest and complaisant character, there is still a favorable economic moment – it is not necessary to pay big money to the girl’s parents for their consent to give their daughter in marriage. So, this is a win-win option.


The ratio of women to men in China is unequal – and strangely enough, there are many more men than women living here. And even with such great opportunities for choice, Chinese women are not always in a hurry to connect their fate with the representative of their country – and they have reasons for this.


Japan is probably about the sexiest Asian women. Yes, in this wording. The cult of female sexuality flourishes here – and this is precisely the reason for such a huge number of dating establishments. Do women like this? A moot point. Most likely, not all of them.


This is a country of very strong traditions. An Indonesian man needs to have a lot of money to get married and observe all the ceremonies – and that is why a huge number of young girls continue to wait … And this does not always have a result.


Perhaps the girls from this country have the most natural and bewitching beauty. The reason is a mixture of races and blood – European beauty combined with an Asian physique is just an explosive mix.


Yes, you already know a lot about these girls. And about ladyboys as well. Yes, it was a subtle hint that if you want to discover something new, then consider this country as a destination for adventure.


The stereotype that being young and unmarried is a shame still lives in this society. This is a shame for a woman, but not a shame for a man – the Vietnamese are in no hurry to get married, and the girls are in a hurry. And they are happy to see foreigners as potential candidates.

Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan

The mentality of this country is somewhat close to Russian – here there is an opinion that a woman should be able to do everything, and a man can use it. And the desire of women to break out of the framework of this stereotype is understandable.

Facts About Asian Mail Order Brides

We have already told you about the specifics of women in most Asian countries, and in fact, Asia is such a wide cultural phenomenon that it is simply impossible to tell about everything in one article. But in any case, before you begin the active steps to find hot Asian women, you should know a few more key facts.

Asian Women Facts

  • They are beautiful – and this is natural.

It is possible to use a lot of paper or an infinite amount of space on a web page – and still not tell all about the beauty of an Asian woman. Their beauty is very specific, but an increasing number of women around the world are interested in their beauty and health secrets to looking like them. Of course, it is impossible to draw one picture that will describe the Asian lady, but as a general rule, they have a small stature, dark thick hair, narrowed or vice versa, large and round eyes, smooth body lines, soft skin, and very thin waist. And it seems to be just a killer combination. Do not believe it? Below we will give you a list of sites where you can meet pretty Asian girls and you agree that everything that is written here is pure truth.

  • They are complaisant – and this is a consequence of upbringing

Besides the fact that it is always a pleasure to look at an Asian woman, you should also know that these girls have a very soft, accommodating and complaisant character. They know how to concede and seek a compromise. And this is a consequence of patriarchal education, which is still relevant in this part of the world — here a man has the right to say the last word, make a strong-willed decision and it is not in dispute. Never, under any circumstances.

  • They are healthy – and this is due to the right lifestyle.

How do you think, is there one more secret to the beauty of Asian brides? Of course there is. Their beauty also lies in their health, and their health is a consequence of a proper lifestyle. These girls do not smoke and do not use alcohol, do not eat hamburgers from fast food and do not expose themselves to surgical interventions for the sake of beauty. Nature has already given them everything they need for a happy life — femininity, beauty, and health. The only thing left to do is find the right man, and here your role begins.

  • They are sexy – and yes, it’s hard to deny this fact.

This would be an unforgivable omission if we did not say that Asian singles are sexy. Or even too sexy. Moreover, it seems that they are simply created for love – they never have a headache (yes, because they monitor their health) and they rarely use the word no (the reason is in the paragraph above as well).

Main Things You Need to Know About Asian Tradition

All the facts that we have listed above are also consequences of certain traditions, most of which are relevant to this day. Yes, many of them may seem outdated and not progressive to you, but remember what we talked about at the beginning of this article? Asia is a cultural phenomenon, and it is a very traditional society. Therefore, let’s learn a little more about their traditions.

  • Contractual marriage

Yes, contractual marriages when the bride and groom meet at a wedding still take place in Asia, for example, in India. It sounds unusual and incomprehensible, isn’t it? And by the way, this is one of the reasons why girls from these countries decide to become Asian mail order brides. They understand the fact that society is progressing, certain boundaries are being erased, certain beliefs become a relic of the past, and the ability to make personal and free choices becomes the highest value.

  • Ransom for the bride

In the traditional model of marriage, this is considered correct when the groom pays a certain amount of money to get the right to the girl he chooses. It looks like a sales contract, isn’t it? So, in a number of countries this is a really necessary requirement, in a number of countries a guy and a girl can decide on marriage themselves, and then this amount will be just a tribute to traditions, and in other Asian countries (for example, in Cambodia) parents will happily agree to marriage of the daughter without obliging the groom to pay money. Therefore, this tradition is individual and it is gradually becoming a thing of the past, but you should still know about it.

  • Taboo for divorce

Asian society is not only very traditional but also very dependent – dependent on public opinion. If in Europe and America, divorce is the free choice of each couple, then here divorce is a stigma for life. If Asian wives are on the verge of a divorce, then this is almost a one hundred percent guarantee that they will never be able to marry again, and society will condemn them. That is why most single Asian women will try to save the marriage, even if they marry a foreigner, and will live in a society that is indifferent to divorce.

  • A lot of children

The average Asian wife believes that it is normal to have many children. Moreover, the issue of money is not decisive here. Decisive is the question of love and the ability to instill in children the correct moral values ​​- and this is just the case when these girls will cope with this task with any number of children. And by the way, there is still a need to make one reservation. Remember we talked about the fact that they are very calm in nature? It also means that if you want to have one child, or no more than two, then your Asian bride will take your decision as the only correct option.

Asian Wives – Are You Ready to Make This Choice?

So, you already know a lot, and perhaps now is the time to make the first decision. We told you about the Asian mentality and traditions, and also mentioned a little about why these girls want to find their happiness abroad. Are you ready to accept this? Are you ready to let beauty, happiness, and true family values into your life? We think that you are ready and therefore below we provide a list of reliable online platforms that will help you to get in touch with Asian girls just in a few clicks.

Top Rated Asian Dating Sites

Online dating technologies have fundamentally changed the approaches of modern men and women to build relationships. Today, this is a variant of the norm if you want to meet online, moreover, each side understands this perfectly. There is only one point that you need to know about – before starting your search, you need to make sure that you are in the right and reliable place. We have already completed this task for you because below you will find five niche Asian mail order bride services, each of which is teeming with your potential brides. You just have to complete a few actions – choose the most suitable, go through a short registration and start chatting. Catch!

  • DateAsianLady

92% of responses are the frequency with which girls will answer you on this site. Therefore, if you are first of all looking for light opportunities for easy communication, and want to understand the inner world of these beauties, this is a good place to start.

  • AsianBeautyDating

Only beautiful girls – as the name of this site promises us. Moreover, not even all of them are physically located in Asia. Therefore, if your intentions are serious and you want to meet a girl of this nationality, but she should be as close to you as possible, you have come to the right address.

  • AsianDate

More than one and a half million men have already chosen this platform – and have already begun acquaintance and communication. Join them too, because one and a half million is too serious competition to wait.

  • DateAsianWomen

This is a reliable site with free registration, good reviews, a high percentage of response and a constantly updated database of girls who want to get to know you. Yes, with you, why are you surprised? Just try it yourself.

  • DateHotAsian

Yes, you’re right – hot is the keyword in the name of this site. And that is why the start page of the site begins with a request to keep secret everything that happens next. Are you intrigued? Then you just need to agree.

How to Hit Your Target at Asian Marriage Agencies Platforms

If you still doubt the reality and legitimacy of this opportunity, then it’s time to provide you with more information and more consistent instructions. So what do you need to do?

  1. Step one is to choose a platform. Choose a platform from the list that we have compiled for you. Why we do not recommend looking for your bride in other places? Everything is simple. The sites that we have listed are specific, and here you will not meet representatives of other nationalities – which means that you will not spend your time communicating with your target audience.
  2. Step Two – Registration. This process is so simple and intuitive that it does not even make sense to describe it in detail. Just fill out a few fields, confirm your email address and get all the opportunities for communication and dates in one place.
  3. Step Three – Communication. And here it is necessary to dwell on this issue in more detail.

How to Communicate With Single Asian Girls

In reality, the fact that Asia seems to be too exotic for us does not mean that the rules of polite communication with girls have somehow changed. Everything is pretty standard. When you get to the site, you will have the opportunity to filter the profiles of girls and save your favorite profiles to your personal list. At that moment, when you feel that you are ready for communication, you just write one adequate phrase. For instance:

“Hi. My name is John (Peter, Mike, Douglas). Your profile seemed interesting to me and I would like to know more about you. Could we talk a little bit? ”

And that’s all. This is enough to start a dialogue.

How to Get Asian Wife

Further, your dialogue and your communication will lead you on the right path. Yes, it can happen that you feel that this is not the girl you need – but this is not a reason to get upset and refuse this idea. Have you ever been to real dates? Of course, you were. And of course, you know that every date is a kind of surprise for which you need to be prepared.

However, the probability of an unsuccessful acquaintance on the network is negligible since each participant in the platform has the same goal – to find a suitable pair for either a serious relationship or for pleasant leisure. And both of these options are adequate. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to find a wife is as follows – take an active position, write first, do not hesitate to talk about yourself and ask girls questions, and at some point your heart and intuition will tell you that this is what you were looking for.

How Much Does an Asian Mail-Order Bride Cost?

Now we come to the most pressing issue – the issue of money. And your question about how much it costs is actually perfectly reasonable. 

  • The first thing we want to say is the fact that the fee for using the service is an additional guarantee of security and the seriousness of your intentions. Agree, scammers will never pay a dime to get to the site and take advantage of it.
  • Secondly, user fees are also an opportunity to give all users equal chances for the main prize of this venture – a wife. You can use and pay exactly as many services as you need for comfortable communication, and not a penny anymore.

As for the amount, it is logical that everything will depend on you. Only you can decide how much you want to spend. And moreover, if you bought very few credits does not mean that you have less chance of success. Everyone is equal here. And your chances of finding a wife become higher if you clearly imagine what kind of person you want to see next to you. In addition, the ability to search through the filter is free.

Therefore, all you have to do is draw a portrait of your future wife, filter the search results and just take the first step to the meeting.

One More Fact About Asian Women

We have already said a lot about the features and facts about these women, but there is one more important one. All of them are in active search and are fully aware of their actions. They deliberately abandoned the models that traditional society imposes on them – because they want to make free choices in all matters in life. And their desire to meet a man from abroad is nominal and understandable – as well as your desire to connect your life with a representative of this nationality. 

Asian Women – Myths to Destroy

We talked about facts but did not talk about myths. Therefore, let’s look at some of them.

  • They are poor and therefore want money.

No, that’s not true. The standard of living in Asia is really very different from Europe or America, but if you look at Japan, you will understand that both men and women earn enough in this country. And even if you look at really poor countries, then the money is not the main value and purpose in life there. Love and family are what really matters.

  • They eat what we are scared to look at.

It is rather true. However, if someone asserts that when they marry a foreigner they will cook something too exotic for you, then this is a myth. Do you remember? The desire and decision of a man is the law.

Asian Dating Online – Let’s Get Started

So, our short tour in Asia is gradually ending, and you are most likely ready to make a final decision in favor of these girls.

How to Find Mail Order Bride

In fact, you already have all the background information to get started. And in order for your search to be successful, you need to: 

  • determine your goal – it can be simple communication, flirting, serious relationships or a fleeting romance
  • draw an approximate portrait of the girl you want to find – and specify both external and other parameters
  • choose the appropriate platform – you already have a list and you can start using each of them to make a final decision
  • buy several credits and start chatting with several girls at once – so that you instantly have the opportunity to choose. 

Are Asian Mail Order Brides Real

Well, it’s even a little strange to answer this question. Of course, they are real. Otherwise, our conversation in this article simply would not make sense. And we have listed enough facts and evidence in favor of why these girls want to marry a foreigner – and they are specific from country to country.

Moreover, the top platforms about which we also spoke have a very strict policy towards members of the community. And this applies to both men and women. Therefore, all women who want to register on the platform submit their documents plus high-quality photos to prove the seriousness of their intentions. For men, for privacy reasons, you cannot see the profiles of other male participants — and they cannot see you.

Therefore, it is possible to make only one conclusion – everything is real here, on the one hand, and on the other hand. Еach community member is protected by guarantees of anonymity and safety of personal and financial data.

Why Asian Women Become Mail Order Bride

It’s time to finish our article. And if the question why remains the key, then the answer to it is very simple – because each of us wants to be happy. Each of us has our own baggage of experience, both positive and negative, each already had the opportunity to draw certain conclusions. It was these findings that led the girls to special services, and you on this page to learn more about them. In fact, everything is pretty obvious. We seek and find if we really want to. Today we have given you all the trump cards necessary to find your Asian girlfriend – use this opportunity right now!

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